• Image of Mercedes-Benz control arms desk or table lamp

The story doesn’t tell where the parts from that lamp went through during the first part of their life, but from now on, you can add your own story to it.

Recycled and reclaimed parts from a Mercedes-Benz, combined with real old wood and copper parts, gives this creation, the original look and the personality of a piece of art coming directly from a museum.

Since each lamp is made by hand, each unit has its unique character.

Each piece has an identification plate that certifies which car the parts comes from.

This lamp makes the perfect original gift for any car enthusiast.

I love to look for particular parts coming from cars that made history. The idea to give a new life and being able to share it with you fulfills me.

Since all lamps are handmade using recycled parts, scratch and dings are common. They show the effect of all that time on the road.

The lamps are the perfect artistic object for any room

In your house:
bedroom, bathroom, living room, basement, family room, garage, cellar, lounge, dining room, gaming room, home office, etc.

In your working space:
Personal office, lobby, reception, waiting room, conference room, lunch space, restaurants, etc.

This lamp mesures 20"Lo x 8"La x32H

The shade is not included


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